Érsebészet, lézeres és rádiófrekvenciás visszérkezelés – VP-Med Kft.

Dr. Olga Szegvári

psychiatrist and psychotherapist, scheme therapist, coach, head of institute

  • Outpatient medication treatment of psychiatric patients, their psychiatric guidance,
  • Applying cognitive therapeutic method to treat various anxiety disorders, depression, panic and phobias,
  • Leading stress management, efficiency increase and communication development trainings for healthcare workers, patients and people who are healthy but intend to develop,
  • Applying EMDR stabilizing techniques,
  • Couple and family therapy consultations,
  • Applying the mindfulness technique for patients struggling with anxiety and depressive problems and patients suffering from chronic pain, tumorous diseases, stress-induced circulatory-, digestive-, and respiratory system problems.
  • Hungarian Medical Chamber
  • Hungarian EMDR Association
  • Hungarian Family Therapy Association
  • Hungarian Behaviour Study and Cognitive Therapy Association (VIKOTE)

I obtained my medical degree at the Semmelweis University Faculty of Medicine in 1989. I took my psychiatrist specialist professional examination in 1993. After few years of working as a doctor, I made a detour and worked as a medical representative, regional leader, then sales manager in the pharmaceutical industry. In the meantime I got my second degree from the College of Foreign Trade at the marketing communication major in 2003.

I participated in the cognitive behaviour therapy special training at the Hungarian Behaviour Study and Cognitive Therapy Association (VIKOTE) in 2009 and passed my psychotherapist specialist professional examination in 2013. Meanwhile, I qualified as a couple therapy and divorce mediator. In 2011 I obtained Williams Life Skills facilitator qualification and took part in the first EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) training. In the framework of VIKOTE I have been participating in the CBT consultant training as a self-knowledge trainer at the Faculty of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Semmelweis university since 2011. In 2013 I participated in the theoretical training for family therapy and since then I have been conducting couple and family therapies under supervision. I worked at the Department of Psychiatry of the Szent Imre Hospital, and currently I work and have a private practice in the Psychiatric Treatment Centre in Dunakeszi.

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